Bubbly Pirate

Wow, this was truly a deplorable episode. We here at Three Podcast have decided that we must take a new direction.

The ONLY interesting thing about this podcast is that it's three separate recording sessions that our genius sound producer was able to make sound like a single session.

It is an interesting start into our desire to entertain the masses. Hopefully we will have a second go with better content, a more defined direction, and to have all members on board.

Sometimes Resistance gets the best of us and we are satisfied with taking the easy route and putting up defensive walls to ease the pain when we are erased from the equation.

Hopefully, you will take this for what it's worth and join us in our new direction.

Prisons and mental institutions!

There just seems to be a plethora of material to work with here. Research will be done. Jokes will be made. In the end, we hope to bring you at least an hour of distraction. Twice a month is not enough! We are dedicated to giving you more than one podcast per week.

Thank you so much for listening so far. I hope we can please you in the future.